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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the pge-2 reagents distributed by Genprice. The Pge-2 reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact pge2 assay. Other Pge-2 products are available in stock. Specificity: Pge-2 Category:

Chemicals information

Recombinant Transmembrane Protease Serine 2 Protein, Partial

  • EUR 470.80
  • EUR 753.50
  • EUR 1824.90
  • 20 ul
  • 100 ul
  • 500 ul

ACE2, His-Tag Protein

  • EUR 612.70
  • EUR 1437.70
  • 20 ul
  • 100 ul

Recombinant TMPRSS2 Protein, Partial

  • EUR 423.50
  • EUR 660.00
  • EUR 2321.00
  • 20 ul
  • 100 ul
  • 1 ml

Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Spike Glycoprotein(S), Partial

  • EUR 388.30
  • EUR 860.20
  • EUR 4888.40
  • 20 ul
  • 100 ul
  • 1 ml

2-Methoxyestradiol (2-MeOE2)

27762-2 100 mg
EUR 230
Description: 2-Methoxyestradiol (2-MeOE2), an endogenous metabolite of 17β-estradiol (E2), is an inhibitor of microtubule assembly that inhibits the polymerization of tubulin and interferes with mitotic spindle dynamics leading to the blockage of mitosis of human cancer cells which lack estrogen receptors in metaphase. 2-MeOE2 is also an inhibitor of tumor growth and angiogenesis. Study results have shown that 2-MeOE2 induces mammalian cell transformation and genotoxicity in Syrian hamster embryo (SHE) fibroblasts through concentration-dependent inhibition of cell growth. Moreover, 2-MeOE2 has demonstrated anti-proliferative activity against estrogen-responsive breast cancer cell line MCF-7 and subsequent inhibition of the growth of tumors subcutaneously inoculated in mice.

Nori® Human Angiopoietin-2 (ANG-2) ELISA Kit (2 plates)

GR106245-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

Nori Equine MMP-2/TIMP-2 Complex ELISA Kit (2 plates)

GR106502-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

2-Propyl-β-D-glucuronide, 2 mg

0904-2 2 mg
EUR 194.4

Nori® Human MMP-2/TIMP-2 Complex ELISA Kit (2 plates)

GR106372-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

Nori® Human b-defensin 2 (BD-2) ELISA Kit- 2 Plates

GR111099-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

Nori Equine MMP-2 ELISA Kit-2 Plates

GR106478-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

Nori Equine TIM-2 ELISA Kit (2 plates)

GR106516-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

Nori Human TIM-2 ELISA Kit-2 Plates

GR111039-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

Nori Canine TIM-2 ELISA Kit (2 plates)

GR115041-2 2 x 96-well
EUR 998.4

2 M NaCl

GR103063-2 200 mL
EUR 70.8

Apoptosis Activator 2

27733-2 50 mg
EUR 390
Description: Apoptosis Activator 2 is a small, cell permeable activator of caspase-3. Apoptosis Activator 2 induces apoptosis specifically in tumor cell lines, but not normal cell lines, with IC50 value of about 4 µM.

Thaw Medium 2

60184-2 500 ml
EUR 675
Description: This liquid Cell Thawing Medium is optimized for thawing and plating select BPS Bioscience cell lines, including_x000D__x000D_• PD-1/NFAT Reporter-Jurkat cell #60535_x000D__x000D_• NFAT Reporter (Luc) - Jurkat Cell Line #60621_x000D__x000D_• NF-ĸB-Luciferase Reporter (Luc) - Jurkat Cell Line #60651_x000D__x000D_• ADCC Bioassay Effector Cell F variant (Low Affinity) #60540_x000D__x000D_• ADCC Bioassay Effector Cell V variant (High Affinity) #60541_x000D__x000D_Note: once cells are well-established, switch to the appropriate cell growth medium.